Elastics worn with braces create a gentle, continuous force, used for aligning one arch to the other. If elastics are worn one day and left off the next, your teeth will set up resistance that will slow your progress. Progress will also slow if elastics are worn for a week and then you skip a day. Teeth always move if elastics are worn correctly. The more rubber bands are worn, the faster and more completely the correction will occur. Less than full time wear greatly lengthens treatment time and decreases the chances of a successful outcome. Wearing elastics while eating accelerates tooth movement!

Elastics should only be removed during brushing and should be changed afterwards. Elastics should also be changed when they break or become discolored.

Initially, the elastics may feel a little awkward, but you should adapt to it within a few days. It is normal for teeth to become sore during the first 3-5 days of wear. This will subside after a few days. Advil or Children’s Advil will alleviate this type of discomfort more effectively than Tylenol. If rubber band wear is stopped for a significant time and then restarted, some soreness may recur. Increased saliva flow for 2-3 days is also normal with elastic wear.

Carefully following these instructions and wearing your elastics as prescribed will increase the likelihood of obtaining the desired result.

If you run out of elastics, please contact Dr. Parigini's office immediately to arrange for pick-up or mailing of additional elastics.